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Sun Sep 24 2017

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Packs Of Teens On Bikes Join Volunteer Effort After Mexico Earthquake
A strong, new earthquake shook Mexico today, causing even more alarm in a country reeling from the powerful quake earlier in the week which killed hundreds. All week, thousands of volunteers raced to the sites of collapsed buildings to save those trapped in the rubble. Among them, a group of cyclists delivering aid to rescue workers.
Far-Right German Group Sees Last-Minute Bump In Polls Before Sunday's Election
All indicators in Sunday's elections point to an easy fourth-term win for Chancellor Merkel, but the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany, or AfD, is expected to enter Parliament for the first time.
As Voters Head To The Polls, Germans Continue To Grapple With Identity
German voters will most likely re-elect the same woman who has led Germany for the past 12 years. The question of German identity, however, could remain at the center of political debate.
Earthquake In North Korea Sets Off Alarm And Speculation
The quake occurred close to the site where the country detonated a hydrogen bomb earlier this month.
Puerto Rico Update: How One NGO Is Helping The Island Rebuild After Hurricane...
Michael Fernandez, executive director of CARAS, a nonprofit based in Puerto Rico, speaks with NPR's Scott Simon from the island, where he's aiding in the disaster recovery efforts.
Mother And Daughter Who Opposed Bashar Assad Regime Killed In Turkey
Police found the bodies of Orouba Barakat and her daughter, Halla, a U.S. citizen, in their Istanbul apartment. Their deaths have left family and the wider dispersed Syrian community in fear.
Deportation As An Election Issue In Germany
A top campaign issue in Germany's election is the deportation of migrants who are considered dangerous or who don't qualify for asylum. Germany's broken deportation system will make that difficult.
When It's Time To End Search And Rescue Efforts
Rescue workers in Mexico pulled people out alive of a textile factory more than two days after the building collapsed in the earthquake. But at some point the decision will be made to stop the search.
Is Tegel Airport To Be Or Not To Be? That Is The Question, For Berlin
On Sunday ? the same day as the German national election ? Berliners will vote on whether to keep their city airport when a new one opens just south. Tegel Airport has fierce defenders ? and critics.
In German Election, Campaign Posters Are More Important Than TV Ads
The poster tradition dates back hundreds of years and serves as an equalizer in modern-day German elections. But some of today's messaging has been provocative to the point of causing offense.
China Moves To Limit Fuel, Textile Trade With North Korea
China accounts for the vast majority of North Korea's trade. President Trump has accused China of not doing enough to push back North Korea's nuclear program.
Soldiers Descend On Rio 'Favela' As Shootouts Erupt
The operation was prompted by an apparent war among drug lords. Residents were forced to dive for cover on the floors of their homes as several hundred well-armed gangsters roamed the streets.
An Accident On The Moon, Young Lawyers To The Rescue
Each year, law students argue hypothetical, futuristic case that takes place in space. This year, it's about who pays when two machines collide on the moon.
Estonian President Says Russia's Show Of Force Raises Issues Of 'Transparency...
NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid about military exercises Russia carried out this week near Estonia's border, and what they mean for security in the region and for NATO.
Mexico Continues To Dig Out From 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake
Much of the damage and casualties from Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake have been in Mexico City. We hear from survivors, rescuers and those waiting to hear word of their loved ones. - RSS Channel - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

6.1 magnitude quake shakes Mexico, already coping with earlier disasters
A 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico on Saturday morning, the US Geological Survey said, rattling a country still coming to grips with the devastation from two stronger temblors earlier this month.
Quake victims took pictures while buried alive
People trapped in the rubble after the Mexico City earthquake count themselves lucky. CNN's Ed Lavandera spoke to survivors in the hospital about their rescue.
Navy official apologizes over reports of trapped girl
A Mexican navy official has apologized for confusion over reports that a 12-year-old girl was trapped alive after a Mexico City school collapsed in the wake of a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that killed more than 280 people nationwide.
Who are 'Los Topos' volunteer rescuers?
Members of "Los Topos," or the moles, at times emerge from the ruins of collapsed buildings too traumatized to speak. The cries from those entombed in brick and concrete can be haunting.
Frenzy as people are heard trapped under rubble
The death toll from the Mexico City earthquake rises to 273. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports on rescue efforts.
Searches could last weeks
Hiram Navarro had reasons for hope and despair Friday as rescuers hunted for his brother and dozens of others who were feared to be in a Mexico City office building that collapsed in this week's magnitude 7.1 earthquake.
Seismic activity detected near North Korean nuclear site
Analysts says that seismic activity detected Saturday near the site of North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear site may be aftershocks as a result of a nuclear test earlier this month.
Iran unveils new long-range ballistic missile
Iran unveiled a new ballistic missile Friday as its president stepped up pressure on the United States by defending its right to strengthen military defenses.
Where are the world's nuclear weapons?
Nine nuclear-capable states exist in the world, but only eight of them -- all but North Korea -- are believed by experts to have weapons mature and developed enough to be readily incorporated into the arsenals of their armed forces.
Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico reels, Turks and Caicos hit
Puerto Rico grappled with damages and deaths caused by Hurricane Maria on Friday as the storm hurtled across the Caribbean and slapped the Turks and Caicos Islands.
Melania Trump to meet Prince Harry, Trudeau on solo trip to Canada
Melania Trump is Canada-bound for her first solo foreign trip as first lady, traveling to Toronto to lead the US delegation to the Invictus Games on Saturday.
Theresa May is dragging Britain off a Brexit cliff edge
Against a plain background in a former school for paramilitary police, next to a church famous for denouncing Galileo's refutation of the idea that the sun moved around the Earth, British Prime Minister Theresa May gave a foreign policy speech Friday that revolved around divisions within her own Cabinet.
Trump's rich Cabinet needs private jets. Don't we all?
So the Trump administration says that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price needs a private jet, as he is very busy.
Why Facebook's about-face on Russia ads?
On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg popped up on Facebook Live. Just back from parental leave, he had lines under his eyes. He may not have been getting any sleep, but there were no signs of baby spit-up on his T-shirt, which perfectly matched the large couch in the background.
Killing of 'Narcos' scout resurfaces Escobar trademark feud

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