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Mon Dec 5 2016

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State Department Says Fake U.S. Embassy In Ghana Operated For A Decade
Turkish and Ghanaian organized crime rings are said to have issued legitimate and counterfeit visas for $6,000 to people from across West Africa. They bribed corrupt officials to look the other way.
A Spanish Village Stays Afloat, Thanks To Corona Beer Tycoon
Antonino Fernandez, who made his fortune from Corona beer, died in Mexico in August at 98. But he never forgot where he came from ? a tiny village in northern Spain that he helped support for decades.
Message From Italy's Failed Referendum: More European Uncertainty Ahead
The big winners in the referendum are Italy's two major euroskeptic parties ? the anti-immigration Northern League and the maverick 5-Star Movement, which waged vitriolic campaigns.
Drought-Stricken Southern Madagascar Teeters On The Edge Of Famine
Fighting extreme poverty and failing crops caused by a three-year drought, United Nations food agencies are struggling to keep the region's population from succumbing to starvation.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Will Become First Japanese Leader To Visit Pearl Ha...
President Obama and Abe will visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor together later this month. The historic trip will happen weeks after the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack.
In European Votes, Italy's Prime Minister To Step Down; Austria Elects Leftist
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi claims he'll resign after this weekend's defeat of his constitutional reform intended to streamline government. Also, Austria elects a leftist president.
Satirical Magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' Creates A German Edition, Takes On Nationa...
The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo now has a special German edition. The publication's editor explains how it plans to cover controversial topics, such as nationalist movements in Europe.
In Trump's Taiwan Kerfuffle, Beijing Has Been Uncharacteristically Measured
Some are in an uproar over President-elect Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwan's president. Yet the Chinese leadership has shown no interest in escalating the matter.
New Zealand's Prime Minister Announces His Resignation
In a surprising move, John Key said it was the "right time" to leave politics. Key, who spent eight years as leader of his country and his party, says he will formally step down on Dec. 12.
Italian Voters Reject Proposed Changes, Prompting Prime Minister's Resignation
Matteo Renzi had pinned his political future on the proposed constitutional changes, which would have taken some power away from Italy's Parliament. Renzi announced he will resign on Monday.
Fidel Castro Laid To Rest In Private Ceremony
Special correspondent for PBS NewsHour Nick Schifrin was on hand as Cuba's longtime ruler Fidel Castro was buried today in Santiago, where he launched his revolution more than half a century ago.
Austria's Far-Right Presidential Candidate Loses In An Election Do-Over
Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer of the conservative Freedom Party. Had Hofer won he would have become the first far-right president in Western Europe since World War II.
Cuban Military Fires 21-Gun Salute As Fidel Castro's Ashes Are Interred
Fidel Castro was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Santiago de Cuba, known as the launching site for the Cuban Revolution. Castro's younger brother Raul delivered the final homage.
Gunman In Finland Kills Local Politician, 2 Others With Rifle Outside Restaurant
A 23-year old gunman killed a local councilor and two journalists, all women, around midnight local time. The shooting took place about three hours east of Helsinki.
Christian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Grounds Flock To Parish Of Jordan Priest
A Catholic priest in Jordan has turned his parish into a haven for Christian refugees from ISIS areas of northern Iraq. It's a home for them before many go to the west. - RSS Channel - World delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

Voters in Italy, Austria send message to EU
Europeans rode an emotional roller coaster Sunday. Up, then down.
Italy's PM to resign as referendum fails
Matteo Renzi will offer his resignation as Italian Prime Minister in Rome Monday after suffering a crushing referendum defeat which could transform the country's political and economic landscape.
Opinion: First Brexit, then Trump, now Italy?
The world as we know it could come to an end this Sunday. Or it could be just another day. It depends on whom you talk to.
Far-right rejected in Austrian presidential election
Anti-immigration candidate Norbert Hofer calls for unity in Austria after an apparent clear loss to independent Alexander Van der Bellen.
How populism could shake up Europe
Energized by President-elect Donald Trump's victory, Europe's populist movements are on the cusp of sweeping far-right, nationalist and euroskeptic parties into power across the continent in a series of upcoming elections.
CNN inside Aleppo during airstrikes
Nineteen people were killed in airstrikes in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib on Sunday, the Aleppo Media Center activist group said, as government forces kept pounding the neighboring city of Aleppo to try to retake it from rebels.
Finland shooting: 3 women killed with rifle
The leader of a local city council and two journalists were shot dead in an attack outside a restaurant in Finland, police said.
Fidel Castro's ashes get 'simple' interment
Fidel Castro's remains were laid to rest Sunday morning in a private ceremony in Santiago de Cuba, the city where he launched his communist revolution, Cuban officials told CNN.
S. Korean President gets ultimatum
Embattled South Korean President Park Geun-hye faces an ultimatum from her own party: Announce a timeline for her resignation or face possible impeachment.
Pence: Taiwan talks were a 'courtesy call'
President-elect Donald Trump's decision to buck diplomatic protocol and accept a call from the leader of Taiwan didn't necessarily reflect a shift away from the "One-China" policy, Vice President-elect Mike Pence says.
China lodges complaint over Trump-Taiwan call
China's foreign ministry said Saturday it has lodged a complaint with the United States over a controversial phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwan's President that has overturned decades of diplomatic protocol.
20,000 people stranded at airport over smog
More than 20,000 people are stranded at an airport in Chengdu, China, as flights were grounded by heavy smog and fog, Chinese state-run media reported.
Russia says it killed ISIS-linked leader
The leader of a North Caucasus ISIS branch was killed in a special operation conducted by Russian Federal Security Service forces in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, the security service said in a statement Sunday.
Chapecoense fans pay homage to their fallen heroes
Through thick and thin, the small Brazilian town of Chapeco has stood by its football team.
Iraq disputes number killed in battle against ISIS
Iraq's military has disputed UN figures indicating that nearly 2,000 Iraqi troops were killed across the country in November, saying the number was "not accurate and much exaggerated."

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